Monday, August 29, 2016

Feeds I Read

Hey Guys!!
So I am trying to incorporate something new, every week I am going to do a post on things I am currently reading online and really enjoying, hence "Feeds I Read" is born!
The above photos are small samplers of each link :) So Starting at the top left and making our way down and right are my newest favorite reads.
1. Lessons you learn by watching Saved by the Bell as an adult. It's a funny post that can be applied to life but also, I am still just obsessed with Zack Morris... Read it here
2. Why are hangovers so much worse as you get older? Seriously, after 2ish decent sized glasses of wine I will feel the effects the next day. Read why here
3. Microblading your eyebrows! Get the truth behind the fad and if you should do it! The results really do look amazing, if you ask me :)  read about it here
4. If you're a beauty junky like me then your constantly looking for the best deals, I found this amazing list of hair care products that you can get off amazon for cheap and they are incredible brands! I had to share the secret, read about it here
5. Be ahead of the fashion game and read about one of the new up and comers that is going to be dominating the fashion scene. Read more here

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